Living a Happy Life with a Strong Faith (Folder)

For Better Manners, a Stronger Faith and the Love of God
By Reading Islam Staff

When we come one step closer to God, He comes to us at speed

Man is granted freedom of choice and at the same time responsibility for all intentional acts, words and deeds.

That’s why man’s behavior should bear out such privileges with an ongoing process of self-development to work on and perfect manners, relations with ourselves, relations with others, and above all our relation with God.

Islam is a universal message for all of humanity with kindness, truthfulness, honesty, generosity, mercy, consideration for others, humility, and many other virtues that are deeply rooted as fundamental rights for all human beings. Whatsoever is of benefit to the individual and the society is morally and ethically rooted in Islam and its teachings, and these universal virtues are the essence of Islam.

This folder sheds light on love in Islam, respect and reform inwardly and outwardly; within ourselves and towards God and spreading this light to other fellow human beings.

  For a Better You


Reform begins from within by doing good things to improve and strengthen yourself.


Becoming Better Muslims (Part 1)

To become better Muslims we need to make progress. “Ihsan” includes sincerity during prayers and being grateful to parents, family, and to Allah.


The Complete Muslim Personality

A Muslim should strive to attain a strong body, good character, cultured thought. He should be able to earn a living, have pure belief, and correct worship...


Characteristics of Believers (Part 1/2)

Characteristics of Believers (Part 2/2)

Perfecting Our Character

Becoming Better Muslims (Part 2)

Tariq Ramadan: How to Empower Yourself

How to Achieve Tranquility of the Heart

The Search for Inner Peace (1/2)

The Search for Inner Peace (2/2)

The Necessity of Reflection and Self-Criticism

For Those Who Reflect

Unawareness: A Sly Threat

Contentment: A Paradise on Earth

God Increases His Blessings on The Grateful

Living a Legacy

Making Mistakes

Diseases of the Heart: Causes and Effects

Striving for Purification


  Through Life's Hardships


Hit by loss, life’s hardships, calamities and stress, discover Islam’s strong faith-based way out of all this to a solid unshakable foundation to build upon:


 Modern Stress and its Cure from the Quran

Everything belongs to God and returns to Him. So if we don't own a thing, why do we mourn our loss?



 Seeking Comfort in Life

When we read the Quran, and God tells us He is with the patient – let us take comfort in that.



Reinterpreting Prosperity and Hardship

Mending The Broken Heart

Safety, Health & a Day's Provision? Don't Worry

Bracing that Perfect Storm – with an Air of Calm

Tips for Keeping a Balance in Life

Nothing is Ever Wasted

Dealing With Loss

Patience, Perseverance and Fortitude

Allah is with the Patient

Happiness is Found in Sincere Worship

Remember Me, I Will Remember You

Letting Go

Finding Peace in a Turbulent World (Part 1)

Finding Peace in a Turbulent World (Part 2)

Finding Peace in a Turbulent World (Part 3)

Remembering God: Your Way to a Happy Life (Part 1)

Remembering God: Your Way to a Happy Life (Part 2)


  The Greatest Love Ever


It’s the point where you’re certain you’re not alone in life, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, and that there’s a Great Loving One by your side, always watching over you, always protecting and helping you.


Going Back to Allah

The loss of connection to God is the scariest thing that can happen to a person, but don’t give up. When we come one step closer to God, He comes to us at speed


Feeling the Infinite Love of God

The remembrance of God calms and fortifies the soul. It cultivates fortitude and perseverance, moderates impatience, and repels depression and despair.


Earning His Love

Love for the Sake of Allah (Part 1)

Love for the Sake of Allah (Part 2)

Hearts Find Satisfaction in Remembering God

The Only Shelter in the Storm

Love of Allah Bestows Great Spiritual Strength

The Fruits of Real Repentance

The Vigil of Standing and Prostration

Thankfulness: The Aim of our Existence (Part 1)

Granting Answers For Sincere Prayers

All You Need to Do is Ask

Three Steps to a Happy Life


  Islam: A Whole Way of Life


To be a proactive person driven by values, working within and for the best of society is what the essence of Islam is about; to be the best Muslim you must be under the best code of conduct.


The Purpose of Life in Light of the Qur’an

The main purpose of this life is to prepare oneself for the Day of Judgment. What an individual has to remember is that God is watching over us all the time.


Achieving Certainty in Life

Be like the companions. Their faith never wavered because they were certain in God’s Words in the Quran, and they were certain in what the Prophet taught them.


Attachments: Emptying the Vessel of the Heart

Sincerity: The Foundation of Perfect Deeds

Love is in the Air

Twelve Tips for New Muslims

The Search for a Living Islam

Check Your Bag Before You Leave!

Resignation: A Sign of True Belief

Forgiveness: The Glue for a Broken Heart

Forgiveness in Islam & its Health Benefits

Expressing Gratitude: The Muslim Norm

Kindness to Relatives is Part of Our Belief

Truthfulness: An Islamic Viewpoint

Search for The Best Companions

Believers' Love For One Another

Tawakkul: Reliance on God

Those Who Do Good Meet Goodness


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