Atheists: Ponder, Reason & Think (Folder)

Towards a Positive Muslim-Atheist Dialogue:
By Reading Islam Staff

The intellectual journey of finding the truth starts with contemplation and deep reflection

Does this world have a Creator?

If a Creator does not exist, how did this universe come into existence?

On the other hand, if God exists, why did He create us?

What is the real purpose of Life?

And in this case, who created the Creator?

These are some of the questions asked by those who are seeking the Truth about the reality of our existence here on planet earth.

Are we here only for 80 or 90 years, then that’s it?

Or is there more than that after life ends?

Intelligent minds for many centuries have been searching for answers to these and other related questions, and in Islam we claim to have the right answers.

In order to make it easy for truth-seekers to reason through these issues, this folder has been compiled to present the answers from a Muslim point of view. It also offers case studies of former atheists who have found the light of faith after finding the right answers.

This folder is compiled for atheists and agnostics searching for the truth!


   Between Skepticism and Reality
There is a big need for God, in order to control the very movement of this universe and its functioning.  14368
14368Between Atheism and Monotheism

If Man refuses God, then he refuses his own existence and declares that he is satisfied by remaining astray in the wilderness of life. To refuse God is tantamount to saying that you are not there.


    Ponder and Reason
The conscious acceptance and reverence of a Supreme Being as the Creator of the world and everything within it cannot necessarily be quantified, but the signs of God’s existence are always there.14368
14368All in Pairs: Glory of Creation

All life systems — plant, animal, and human — consist of different types of cells. A cell consists of a nucleus surrounded with cytoplasm enclosed, usually in a cell wall...


   Muslim-Atheist Dialogues
Modern science has brought an end to the atheist dogma that influenced the minds, souls, and societies in the 19th and most of the 20th centuries.14368
14368Introducing God to My Atheist Father

Inviting parents is probably the most difficult kind of calling to God, because it requires a great deal of tact, patience, courage, love, and respect...


   Atheists Who Found God
For those who embraced Islam, the greatest witness to God's unremitting, pursuing, sustaining, and guiding love is the Quran. 14368
14368After Ten Years of Atheism

I perceived that God was always near, directing my life, creating the circumstances and opportunities to choose, yet always leaving the crucial choices to me...


    Atheists Ask
Ask all your questions there in the silence of your own heart. Ask your questions directly to God. If you feel no reply, be patient and don't despair.14368
14368How an Atheist Can Feel Allah?

I am an atheist, or at least I was; now I'm not so sure. I've recently been thinking about Islam but I'm having several crises...




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