What Happens to Children and Non-Muslims? (Watch)

Understanding the Muslim Faith:
By Reading Islam Staff

Allah says clearly that He never punishes the people until He sends them a messenger.

My name is Yusuf Estes, and a question just came in which says:

“What happens to a baby that dies, and where does it go?”

This is a beautiful teaching in Islam that all children regardless of the religion of their parents, all children go to Paradise.

If the parents are believers and they are patient, this is a guarantee for them also to go to Paradise, and the child is in Paradise praying to Allah “Let my parents be with me.” So this is a very nice teaching.

Consider any other religion, if somebody would go to them, a priest, a Rabbi or whatever religion and you say “I’m not from your religion but I want to know where my baby went that died” and see what kind of answers you get. Because often they associate the religion of the parents with that of the child.

But Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “Every child is born on the fitrah (natural disposition) of Islam” and this is a beautiful thing.

He said also though that the parents are the ones who raise them up to become whatever religion they are, whether they are Muslim, Jew, Christian, fire-worshipper, that will be the influence of the parents and the influence of the environment around them.

That’s why we want to have the best kind of environment for children to know what’s the truth about "La ilaha illa Allah" “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger”

What Happens to Non-Muslims who Don't Know Islam?

We got another question about dying which says:

“What happens to non-Muslims that die and were not told about Islam and didn’t testify that there is none to worship except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger?

What about the people living in the jungles and desert islands and all the people living in remote mountain places in China and Mongolia?

They live their lives doing whatever they want. They eat pork, drink alcohol, have sex and they are going to be punished for what they don’t know?

Why are they going to be judged according to the Quran and Sunnah? Why?

And if they are not punished, then why would that be fair? And why should I be punished. How is that fair?”

Well, you have got a lot of questions there.

First of all, thank you for asking me about my religion that’s one of the things I’m trying to teach!

Second of all, know that your question has a couple of problems in it, but in Islam we will try the best to give you the truth and the proof of it. There are not that many people living out in the jungles and desert islands to start with, and in China and Mongolia there are a lot of Muslims there right this minute and have been for many centuries. There are over 40 million Chinese Muslims, in case you didn't know that, and most of Mongolians are also Muslims.

But anyway, about those who are doing what they are doing and they don’t know any better, Allah says clearly that He never punishes the people until He sends them a messenger. So Allah is totally fair and Allah knows best what He has in store for them.

Go to the Website to know more details on this: Islammailbox.com. We are waiting for you.

Assalamu`alaikum. Peace be with you.            

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First published in March 2012.
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