Regime Change in Islam (Folder)

By Shari`ah Staff

Egyptian Lawyers
The recent Egyptian uprising and the ousting of Tunisia's President Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali by Tunisian people have ignited debates over some thorny juristic themes, such as transition of power, citizen-ruler relationship, revolting against rulers, shura and democracy, reform, social justice, etc..

Many people, Muslim and non-Muslim, are not fully aware of the Islamic concepts of and stances on these complicated issues. So, it is very important to discuss and understand the general and detailed proofs and texts of Shari`ah that cover these sensitive topics.

Some people may wonder if it is allowed — from the standpoint of Islam — to revolt against rulers. Should people obey rulers in everything? How can Muslims demand change of power? How can Muslims apply social justice and work for reform?

In this folder, Living Shari`ah dept. presents juristic readings, studies, and fatwas that could help our dear audience understand various angles of the question of "change of power in Islam."


ISNA Demands Immediate Action for the Libyans

On behalf of the American Muslim community, ISNA appeals to President Obama to take the lead as the United Nations deliberates over the unfolding atrocities committed by Gaddafi and his regime.  We ask President Obama to intervene immediately on behalf of the Libyan people.


IUMS Statement on Events Taking Place in Libya

The IUMS (International Union for Muslim Scholars) is observing in all concern what is taking place in Libya, regarding the use of live weapons - and even sophisticated weapons – against demonstrators; pointing weapons at their bare breasts, which resulted in the death of hundreds..IUMS_-_Modf_1

When the Social Contract is Breached in Egypt

Among the objectives of Islamic Shari`ah is the preservation of property. It forbids any attack on property and prescribes a severe punishment for robbery, namely, cutting off the hand of the robber (if this is the penalty provided for by law), to deter robbery and...Foggy


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