Bin Laden.. A Martyr or Terrorist? (Your Say)

By Mostafa Al-Khateeb


After a long journey, US' 'most wanted' Osama Bin Laden was confirmed killed in a ground operation by US intelligence.

Bin Laden's journey began by leaving his comfortable and luxurious life in Saudi Arabia, then moving to fight the Soviet Union in the 1980s to free Afghanistan. He stood against American imperialism and interference in Muslim countries in Middle East, and he has been accused to be the mastermind of the attacks on New York and Washington on 9/11/2001.

Now, how do you view Bin Laden and his killing after decades of fighting against the Soviets and Americans? Is he a terrorist, martyr, or freedom fighter? Are you pleased by hearing the news of Bin Linden’s killing or do you feel sorry for his death? Will Bin Laden’ death affect the future of Muslim-American relationship? How do you see the world after Bin Laden?

Share your views with your fellow brothers and sisters all over the world.

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