Niqab: The Ever Resurging Debate (Folder)

A Women's Right, an Obligation or a Security Threat?
By Shari`ah Staff


Once again, the debate about niqab (lady's face veil) resurfaces after a number of incidents in the last few months. Last week, a judge in a UK court refused to allow a Muslim woman to enter a plea until she showed her face, rejecting proposals to check the lady's identity through a female police officer.

In France, a more serious incident occurred two months ago when a French Muslim lady lost her baby after a niqab attack.

The topic of niqab has long been a subject of controversy and stereotyping. Some countries impose restrictions on veiled women; France, for example, fines women for wearing niqab in public. In some cases, as in the story above, women are harassed just for wearing niqab.

The matter of niqab should be digested in light of the views and stances of the majority of jurists and scholars who have tried to tackle this important issue beyond the level of controversy.

Here, Shari`ah Dept. is attempting to further explore the issue, hoping that this folder could shed more light on the thorny topic.



Niqab: A Barrier to Integration?

One of the multitudinous quasi-reasons given by a certain Conservative MP in the UK and many others for why Muslim women shouldn’t wear the niqab is that it is, in the words of one observer, ‘a blatant obstacle to integration’...



When the Niqab Conflicts with the Law

If a Muslim woman is asked to remove the face cover to get a photo for such genuine reasons, then she is permitted to do so and Almighty Allah will forgive such matters. Added to that, she will keep the photo and such matters are pardoned for…



Maqasid al-Shari`ah and the Veil Ban

The French ban of the face veil only demonstrates how some of the Western countries intolerant nature is surfacing towards the Muslims. If Mr Sarkozy and others wish to promote freedom, democracy, and liberty, then this move is very antithetical to...


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