Ibn `Atta's Pearls of Wisdom (Folder)

By Shari`ah Staff

Ibn atta pearls of Wisdom

How to enjoy God's Company? What to do to lead a blessed life with a continuous impact? What is the reality of humbleness? How to deal with people's praise and faults?

These questions and still more others are part of the test we go through every day in this life. To pass this test, a spiritually healthy heart is a must. Having such heart and keeping it pure and receptive of the light of guidance is by no means an easy task. In our fast-paced materialistic world, it is easy to get off the track and fall prey to endless temptations. It is a significant challenge that requires watchful monitoring and continuous maintenance.

Our new folder "Ibn `Atta's Pearls of Wisdom" is an inspiring spiritual journey that touches on many concepts and elements necessary for your spiritual life. The words of wisdom of ibn `Atta' joined with the insights and reflections of Dr. Jasser Auda provide an excellent food for the soul.

Click here to review "Ibn `Atta's Pearls of Wisdom" folder and enjoy it.

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