New Hijri Year 1434 (Special Coverage)

New Hijri Year 1434
Last update: Saturday, November 17, 2012 - Launched on Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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::Living for a Mission
We take the migration process lightly. Imagine; you live a normal life, you have kids and a family, you have businesses and wealth. Imagine that you have to leave all this and migrate. Some of these companions left behind their whole family. Some left behind the savings of their life.
::Perfect Planning and Reliance on Allah
If greatness of historical events is measured by their constructive influences and decisive resultant...Hijrah_Perfect_Planning_and_Reliance_on_Allah
::Between the Prophet’s Hijrah and Today’s Migration
Muslims in diaspora need to keep reminding themselves their aims and objectives of their migration should...Between_the_Prophet's_Hijrah_and_Today's_migration
 :: In Focus
Should Converts Migrate to Muslim Countries?

What is The True Meaning of Hijrah?

The Islamic CalendarUmm Salamah: Mother of Believers
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