Muslims and Christmas (Special Coverage)

By Shari`ah Staff

celebrating christmas islamic perspective

Nowadays, our Christian brothers and sisters, relatives, neighbors, and friends are celebrating Christmas. We wish them all happy holidays and guidance.

On this occasion, we launch this special folder to show how Muslims should be kind, respectful, and friendly toward people of other faiths. Being Muslim does not mean having nothing to do with one's non-Muslim family, neighbors, colleagues, or friends. Muslims are allowed to wish non-Muslims happy holidays.

In this folder you can learn about:

  • The Islamic ruling on celebrating Christmas and sharing non-Muslims' festive occasions;
  • The Islamic view of Jesus and of his role as prophet and messenger;
  • Islamic teachings on honoring and believing in all of Allah's prophets and messengers;
  • Relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims.
 OK to Celebrate Christmas?

Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Christians all over the country illuminate their houses with lights, put up Christmas trees, and exchange gifts. What is the Islamic position on these issues? Can we celebrate Christmas? 

Why Mawlid but not Christmas?


Celebrating Christmas with One’s Non-Muslim Family




       Christmas, Jesus & Islam

       Towards Better Interfaith Relations


     Christmas & Muslim Community

    Christmas, `Eid and Our Children (Video)

    With all the lights and decorations of Christmas adorning homes, streets and markets, have you ever thought how your kids’ identity and values are being shaped and influenced in the Christmas season? Did you do ANYTHING to realize how huge the effect is?

    A Muslim’s Christmas Story

    Educate Your Kids About Jesus and Christmas


       Jesus in Muslim Eyes

      Status of Jesus in Islam

      It may be a surprise to many people in America that we Muslims also believe in Jesus. Although we do not celebrate Christmas, but we do respect and honor...


      Does the Qur’an Speak about Jesus’ Marriage?


      Prophet `Isa’s (Jesus) Ascension


         Amicable Relations

        Scope of Amicable Dealings with Non-Muslims

        What are the rules that govern relations between Muslims and non-Muslims? What are the codes of manners that should be observed here?


        Qur’anic Foundations of Muslim/Non-Muslim Relations


        Domains of Muslim-Christian Cooperation

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