2012 Scholar of the Year (Share)

By Shari`ah Staff

2012 Scholar of the Year

2012 is past; a year that witnessed many events and challenges, some of which had direct bearings on the Muslim World as well as Muslim communities and minorities around the globe. 

Throughout 2012, Muslims in Myanmar were subject to blatant human rights violations and barbaric onslaughts. Gaza bravely withstood another Israeli bloody aggression. The Arab spring faced serious obstacles. Syrians brothers and sisters suffered the unspeakable oppression and atrocities at the hands of the lunatic Bashar Al-Asad. 

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Now, as 2013 starts, it is time to look back and appreciate the effort of great scholars who were up to the events, standing up for the truth, mobilizing Muslims' efforts, encouraging Muslims to be proactive and to work for a better humanity and a better future and connecting to the youth and getting them closer to Allah despite all the temptations and distractions of this age.

So, share with us your thoughts:

  • Who is the most influential scholar, mufti, or da`iyah (preacher) in 2012?
  • Who is your favorite scholar or mufti whose knowledge and views you trust and who you think is close to Muslim youth?
  • What is your criteria in choosing that scholar, mufti, or da`iyah to be scholar of the year?
We will receive your nominations until Thursday, January 10, 2012. After that, you will vote on the top 5 names to select the three scholars of 2012.

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