On Muslim Minorities (Live Fatwa)

Questions and Answers of Live Fatwa Session With SH. Ahmad Kutty

On Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013, we managed to run a successful e-mail based Live Fatwa session with Sheikh Ahmad Kutty on Muslim Minorities”. 

Interestingly, users reacted positively and sent their questions via the Fatwa section’s e-mail address in and ahead of the session’s time. The honorable guest, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty kindly responded to all the questions.

Below you can review all the questions and Sh. Kutty's kind replies:


Question 1:

Dalia Stefania

T-shirt With Flag of Cross

As-salamu `alaikum! Is it allowed for a Muslim to wear a T-shirt on which a flag of a European country in a shape of cross (i.e. Sweden, Switzerland, UK, etc) is depicted? Jazakum Allah khairan.


There is nothing wrong with wearing the shirt with the picture of the flag even though it is in the shape of cross. Actions, according to Islam, are judged by the intentions; if you don’t intend to promote ideas associated with the cross, and you happened to wear something with the shape of cross that is not to be condemned. If we are to go down this route, then there are lots of things we see around with the shape of cross. To say as Muslims, we are opposed to them is simply against reason and common sense.Islam clearly does not teach such a doctrine.

Having said this, I should say a Muslim cannot wear a T-shirt with a cross symbol on it; for it cross represents the doctrine of crucifixion and divinity of Jesus, which are abominations in Islam. Islam is strictly based on Oneness of God, which all prophets, including Jesus taught and lived for.

I pray to Allah to help live by the doctrine of tawhid and die in it and be raised up on it in order for us to be gathered under the banner of the Messenger of Allah, the seal of prophets.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 2:

Dalia Stefania

A Doctor-Cosmetologist

As-salamu `alaicoum! A Muslim woman is a doctor-cosmetologist. Is it ok for her to epilate pubic hair of women in cosmetic clinic? Thank you.


Islam is clearly opposed to the idea of nudity or watching others expose their nudity. We are to keep our private parts covered except in the presence of our spouses. There is only one exception to this rule: A physician can see the parts of the body to the extend it is necessary for him or her to see in case of an essential medical treatment.

The work you mentioned does not come under this category; therefore it is clearly forbidden and cannot be sanctioned in Islam. In Islam each person has to take care of this kind of work; however, when necessary one’s spouse can help in doing so, if necessary.

I would, therefore, advise you to earn your money lawfully by doing what Allah has allowed for you. If you adhere to it and pray for His help, I am sure, He will bless you.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 3:


Belly Dancing Classes

Assalamu `aleikum. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Is it ok for a Muslimah to take belly dancing classes with only girls for the purpose of exercising? Jazak Allah khair.


I don’t know much about belly dancing; to my best understanding, it involves erotic, body movements eliciting carnal pleasures; if this is the case that is not something a Muslim would consider as a beneficial area of knowledge.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to seek refuge in Allah from knowledge that is not profitable. As far as I can see, belly dancing serves no beneficial purpose. Therefore, no Muslim should consider studying it.

There is no shortage of beneficial exercises you may focus on. Mind you, we are accountable for our thoughts and actions as well as the influence we exert on others through them.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 4:

Shahid – 34 – Female – Bangladesh

Can a Woman Perform Her Hajj WithoutMahram

Salam. My mother desired to perform Hajj for the 2nd time with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her husband (my brother-in-law). But some people told that it wouldn't be possible without mahram.  In this connection we are seeking your kind intervention & advise .Therefore look forward your kind response in this regard. Thanks.


According to a number of scholars and jurists a woman is allowed to travel in the safe company of women- even if they don't have a mahram to accompany her. They have based this ruling on the fact that the wives of the Prophet traveled for hajj as a group, accompanied by men who were not related to them in blood.

The purpose of mahram requirement is not to restrict the movement of women; rather, it is simply for their protection.

Therefore, since your mother is traveling with other women (with mahrams), I see no reason why she is not allowed to do so.

For further details, you may access my answer posted here:


Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 5:

Muhammad Jamil

Fatwa on Gold or Currency

Kindly let me know whether gold held with a women for her beautician is liable for zakah. How much exempt from zakat? Is this a “Mal-e-Batin” or not? If yes, then is it applicable for zakat or not? Regards, Muhammad Jamil. Manager Accounts.


If the jewelry is not exceeding seven tolas or approximately 82 grams of gold, then there is no zakah on it as long as you are keeping for personal use.

If it is more than that, you should give zakah on it every year. You should estimate its market value every year and take out zakah at the rate of 2.5 percent of the total value.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 6:



Assalaamualaikum! Some say that even those who say that niqab is not obligatory are of the opinion that it becomes obligatory for a woman who is beautiful or if there is some temptation to do niqab. But sheikh Al-Albani says that even in such situation it’s not obligatory to cover face in his book! Which opinion is correct?


Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everyone would consider herself beautiful, then it should be assumed as binding on everyone. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has never made such a silly distinction; as such, we have no right to base our opinions on such arguments. If a woman was required to cover her face, the Prophet would have made it clear-especially when he had numerous occasions to do so; his only words were: "No woman who has attained puberty should expose anything of her body except her face and hands.”

Furthermore, everyone agrees that women do not cover their faces while praying; Allah tells us to wear the perfect attire when coming to the mosque; if we are allowed to uncover our faces in salah that is the ideal attire for women. Moreover, one of the requirements of ihram for women is to uncover their faces.

For further details, you may read my answer linked below.


Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 7:


Intercourse AfterKhul`

As-salamu `alaykum. Dear scholar, I am in a very difficult situation, last year I obtained a divorce from my husband through khul`! Two months after the divorce, after constant abuse and harassment from my ex, I slept with him. I was very weak at that point in my life! My ex got me drunk and slept with me! Please, I need to know does act invalidate the khul`. Am I his wife again? Jazak Allah khair for all your kind work.


The fact that your ex-husband got drunk and forced you into sleeping with him in no way can be taken as a revocation of the divorce. You are therefore, still considered as strangers. You ought to repent and ask forgiveness of Allah. If you want to remarry you may do so. However, it is best that you go through professional marriage counseling before considering that option. Otherwise, you will not solve anything; rather, you may end up making it even worse.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 8:



Assalaamualaikum! Why is exorcism not video recorded and shared with common people of all faiths? This can be used in calling people to Islam! Why are these things kept hidden? Should we not use these experiences by recording to spread the reality and close the door of doubts and suspicions regarding experiences with jinn? Please, reply.


Islam was not spread throughout the world through exorcism practices; it was spread through beautiful preaching and sharing the message of mercy.

Having said this, if you find a pious and knowledgeable person healing people through the prescribed Islamic method of healing, you may use it for da’wah You may find some such videos on the Internet; here is one that I came across, although I cannot personally endorse it, since I have no means of verifying it:


Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 9:


Son Ignoring Me

Asalamualaykom. I need your advice, please. I am a 54 year-old divorced mother who is sickly buShukr I am still working. My question is: my 24 year-old son is my wakheel. He has moved on his own. I haven't got a problem with that. My problem is that I saw him a year and a half ago and that was only by chance. I was in hospital for 3 weeks last year. 

He didn't even come to the hospital he just phoned me once to find out if I'm okay. I am the one that ph him then he says he loves me but he never ph me or even come and greet me for `Eid. He doesn't even ph he lives about half an hour from me. My question is death is so quick and am I allowed to write a letter and give it to my eldest daughter stating that should I die one of my brothers should bury me as I have explained the importance to my son of being my wakheel. I even sms him to tell him that even though I love him so much an Imaam told me that I could do that as he my son is not doing his duty he did not even respond. Please, I need your advice, Shukran.


If your son is neglectful of basic responsibilities towards you as his mother and does not even bother to visit you, although he lives close to you, then you are definitely justified in entrusting the responsibility of taking care of your funerals and other obligations to one of your brothers. The imam is right in telling you that you are justified in your action. However, I would advise you to pray for your son, for by this kind of reckless attitude he is digging his own grave; he is worse than a drowning man, who needs someone to rescue him, for he would end up spoiling his felicity in both worlds, if he persists in this behavior.

As a mother you should pray to Allah to open his heart to realize the enormity of sin, he is committing.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 10:

KishoareTamanna – 21 – Female – Bangladesh


Assalamualaikum. I would like to ask about a very important part of Fiqh. I’m confused about whether my regular white discharge is intermittent or continuous. It would be a great help if you, please, help me to find a solution. The portion around the urethral opening that is the inner skin of the Labia Minora is almost always wet. And the outside of the vaginal opening is more or less dry.

Sometimes, the discharge (from vaginal opening or urethral opening) is in large amount. Sometimes, the discharge appears on the underwear. And it happens sometimes, at no fixed interval or fixed time.

My confusion is that: when the inner skin of Labia Minora, that is the portion outer the urethral opening is wet and it does not appear on the underwear, is it what we can call discharge that invalidates wudu’? I mean, if it is that discharge, then should it be counted as continuous discharge or not? And would performing wudu’ for each prayer be sufficient? Or in such a case, wudu’ is not invalidated? Please, help me out.


Since it is a natural condition with women, there is no reason for you to worry about the invalidation of wudhu. There is no need for you to go into such lurid details. Since haya or modesty/shyness is an essential Islamic virtue, we are advised to foster it.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 11:

Mohammedwasim (This question was sent to you to see the attachments) 

Talaq on Mental Illness Ground


1. TALAQ on mental illness basis 


Age: 31   married on Oct. /18/2012 


Age:  23 

Within 15 to 20 days of marriage I confirmed my wife is suffering from her symptoms and regular tablets. 

1. Borderline personality disorder (psychology problem) 

2. Latin Schizophrenia (a type of brain disorder) 

3. She was discontinued her degree in 2nd year (I came to know after referring her transfer certificate  after 15 days of marriage… they confirmed me before marriage that she completed degree but she has not completed) I realized I am cheated. 

On Nov. 17/2012 I met her father and said take care of his daughter and she is not suitable to live with me. 

And now the bride’s father seeking for 2 months time to get cure of this disease, because these two disorders don’t have permanent cure but only can control and chance of recurring is high. Then how can I lead a peaceful life everyday I have to key an eye on her movements. 

I seek talaq (divorce on medical ground). Please, go through the attachments 

1. Doctor certificate stating she is suffering from this psychology problem and neuro problem. 

2. Hospital CASE HISTORY showing the disease (BPD and SEIZURE) and its tablets. 

3. When I view the side efforts of tablets (it’s shocking), some medicine like ATVIN and OXETOL  showing the pregnancy is at high risk and many more problems for her it will be difficult to survive. 

Suggest me a good decision (upon verifying all documents), am I eligible to give talaq? 


If your wife had been diagnosed with the condition prior to your offer of marrying her, and yet her father or guardian did not disclose the matter to you, then he has betrayed the trust since was obligated to disclose this serious medical condition to you. Thus, since he has deceived you, you have valid ground to divorce her, if you cannot cope with her.

If, however, he did disclose the matter to you, and you married her with the full knowledge of the challenge she is suffering from, you have no reason to divorce her on this ground.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 12:

Amin Hussein – 4 – Male – Egypt

Wearing a Hair Unit DuringUmrah

As-salamu `alaykum. I intend to perform `Umrah, inshaa’ Allah. I'm wearing a hair unit, something like a hair piece or a wig. Is it haram to wear it in `Umrah? Mind you, I never take it off, and I feel psychologically impossible for me to take it off at any time. And when I clip my hair at the end, should I do that from under the hair piece? Thank you for your advice.


Men are required to uncover their heads during ihram. So, you should remove the wig before assuming ihram; I cannot understand why it should be such an issue causing a psychological trauma. Don't we see many people who are bald, while others shave their heads-some of them even consider it as a fashion?

So, you need to consult a psychologist; he will advise you how to deal with the stigma you have come to attach to the state of baldness.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 13:

Shamshad Ahmad – 35 – Male – India

Blood From Tooth

As-salam `alaikum. Does blood from tooth invalidates wudu’? Can blood coming from tooth due to some illness be swallowed if it comes frequently?


According to the preferred view of scholars, flowing blood is considered najas; hence one ought to clean it as long as it is possible to do so; if however, it is difficult to do because of a health condition one is suffering from then the rule is relaxed due to hardship.

Majority, however, agree that a little blood that is not flowing is excused.

So, you need to ask: is this something you can control and wash your mouth easily? If it is, then you need to take care of that; if that is not the case, then you are excused and your wudhu is still considered, in spite of it.

In light of the above, if you are able to spit the blood out, then you should not swallow it, for blood is not considered pure. Otherwise you are excused. Allah says, “Allah has not placed any hardship for you in religion” And, “Allah does not impose a burden on anyone such that he cannot bear it.”

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 14:

Ab'deen Ahmed Manas – 30 – Male – Philippines

Making Invocation in Sujud Other Than Arabic Lang

As-saalmu `aleikum. Dear Scholar, I just want to make sure that whether we can make this (invocation) in Sujud (prostrate) other than Arabic language as I am non-Arab person. But also I know Arabic, when it concern about the language. It’s always comfortable to make in mother tongue. I mean here it’s not about the essentials recitation and I am asking about making this like our needs. If we made these invocations other than Arabic language while we are paring especially in Sujud, does the prayer still valid? Hope to hear your valuable answer.


If you are comfortable in using Arabic in making du’as in Arabic that is definitely preferred in salah. If you are not proficient in Arabic, you may offer du’asin your mother-tongue. There is no evidence in the sources to prohibit that. This, according to my knowledge, is the view held by a number of jurists of the past as well as the present.

After all, Allah tells us in the Qur’an, "We have raised up messengers in every nation speaking to people in their own language'. We are also told that He revealed the Quran in Arabic in order for the people to understand the message.

Furthermore, we know that the soul of du’a is reverence for Allah and feeling of fear and hope. The Prophet also told us that Allah would not answer prayers coming from hearts, which are distracted. Clearly, the above conditions are better fulfilled when one offers du'as in his own language.

In conclusion, it is fine to offer supplications in one’s own language in sujud after having said the transmitted tasbihs.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 15:

Khaja – 50 – Male – Kuwait

Old Ihram Cloth can it be used for performing Umrah

Kindly advise that I have previously performed `Umrah. Again I want to visit this month on 21st Feb 2013. Kindly advise whether I can use my previous ihram material (2 piece cloth) in performing `Umrah. Also kindly advise, is applying dye (black henna) to hairs is applicable in Islam? As we understand this product doesn't have chemicals in it.


You are allowed to use the same ihram you wore before as long as it is clean. It would be considered even better than getting a new one, for Islam discourages wastage. You could give the money to the poor and by doing so you stand to gain greater rewards.

 As for dying with henna it is allowed; however, according to my understanding henna color is not black; it is rather closer to being red.

 There is a difference of opinion about dying the hair black; while some scholars consider it as haram while others consider it as undesirable or makruh.

 According to a report (in Muslim) when the Prophet recommended someone to dying the grey hair, he said, "don't dye it in black!" Anas reports that while Abu Bakr used to dye with a mixture of henna and kathm, Umar used to dye with henna. Kathm dye was black, whereas that of henna was red; thus, instead of dying with pure black, he mixed it with henna that is red. Umar, on the other hand, used to dye with henna.

As for women who are married, some of the scholars have allowed them dying with black in order to appear attractive to their spouses.


Question 16:

Hameed – 40 – Male – India 


My friend went to khadimuhajjaj (serving pilgrims) on 2011 as an ECG technician. He applied in 2013 again for khadimulhajjaj same side, can he go again? Please, reply.


He may do so as long as he is not doing it at the expense of his greater priorities or obligations such as taking care of his family or parents. We are not allowed to do a voluntary good deed by neglecting an obligatory duty.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 17:

Mrs. Fathima – 30 – Female – UAE

Obligatory Bath

Assalamu `alaikum, Sheikh. I am a migraine patient normally suffering from severe headache from time to time. Further, there is always lot of chance to get the headache if I have shower early morning. Due to this sometime I avoid intimate relationship with my husband, so that I will not miss my Fajr prayers. However, I feel sometime bad about it. Can you, please, tell me whether can get clean myself by doing tayammum after having the relationship with my husband and get clean myself and later have the shower say around 10/11am. Also, please, tell me the steps how should perform this purification of tayammum? If I can't find dust at home, what is the alternative way to do this? Jazak Allah, Sheikh.


This is not a valid reason to do tayammum as you can offer your prayer and then engage in intimate relations with your husband. You are allowed to perform tayammum in this case only if the water is too cold for a shower, and you are afraid of getting sick.

I think you ought to motivate yourself by convincing yourself of the value of salah. Once you do that you will not allow yourself to be complacent about it.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 18:

Grace Machic – 27 – Female – United State


I had a d&c (dilation and curettage) done last week and bleed for a few days and spotted. Not bleeding now but sometimes when I wipe there’s blood, every other day this week, one time a day, past day it’s been clear no blood. Wanted to know when I can start praying?


If this is chronic condition that started now, then you should count the days you were used to experience it before it. Therefore, if you used to menstruate six or seven days every month, you should consider it as your period, and you should bathe and resume your prayers after.

For details, you may consult the answers on istihadhah on this site; you may insert the word at the search feature to find the answers.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 20:

Mohamed Shmoury – 15 – Male – Canada


I was wondering if I have an Allah necklace and I tend to kiss it and put it on my forehead. I was wondering is it not good to keep doing it too many times.


There is nothing objectionable about kissing the necklace with the name of Allah inscribed on it, if you are doing so to honour the name of Allah. However, it may not be advisable to do it frequently as if it were a religious ritual. We need to shun innovaitons in religion for as the Prophet said, “Whoever innovates something in this religion of ours, it should be rejected.”

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 21:

Maliha – 19 – Female – Pakistan

Divorce Without Intercourse

I married a man 6 years ago. It was without the consent of wali. At that time I was 13 years old. We did not have intercourse but our private parts did touch each others. He wants to divorce me:

1- Do I have to sit in iddah?

2- Does he have to say talaq 3 times or one.

3) If he wants to marry me again after few years with the consent of wali, can he do that?


Your marriage was not valid if it had been done without the consent of your wali; however, there is a minority view that considers it as valid if it did take place while you had already attained puberty; in which case, you need to undergo the iddah of three menstrual cycles.

If the divorce took place and iddah has expired, then you may remarry him with the consent of your wali unless the divorce happened three times.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 22:

Anonymous – 23 – Male – Canada

I Said Wallah and Lied

Assalamu `alikum. I recently had an encounter with a girl that only went as far as our shirts being taken off, no sex. My mom got the hint and couldn`t sleep for a couple nights.

She approached me saying that she is worried because of a recent encounter with my friend who had sex and ended up marrying the girl. She does not want me to commit adultery or marry a non-Muslim. I said `wallahi` to her that I am not doing the same as my friend, as I did not have sex and I did not want to hurt my mom. How do I correct (repent) this? Please advise.


You cannot blame your mother for being upset with your action. She is genuinely concerned about your future. Now that you recognize your sin, it is important that you repent and ask forgiveness of Allah and cutting off all contacts with the girl. That is the right thing to do; once you please Allah, He will open the heart of your mother to forgive you.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 23:

Fkuu – 45 – Male – Canada

Wearing JewlleryWith Allah Name Written On It

Is it halal to wear, buy, and sell jewellery with “Allah” name written on it providing that one does it just as an adornment not as a talisman?


You may wear jewelry with the name of Allah on it as long as you take care not to dishonor His name. The belief in talisman is not part of Islam; rather, it is an innovation.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 24:

SobiaRafiq – 31 Female – United Kingdom


My husband of five years divorced me over one year ago both verbally and by SMS after having left me. During our marriage he had on a number of occasions verbally given me talaq, mainly whilst he was angry but took me back each time. As such a long time has now elapsed, would this be considered to be divorce?


If he did pronounce divorce both orally and in writing, then you are considered as divorced. If this has happened three times before you cannot remarry him unless you're had married someone else, and he has divorced you.

We are not allowed to play with the sacred laws of Allah.

Allah Almighty knows best.


Question 25:

Wa Guy – 18 – Male – Canada

Moon and Star

Hi. Can you tell me: what is the significance of the moon and star in the Muslim religion?


Islam is based on the fundamental belief in the Oneness of Allah. This means everything other than Allah in the universe, including sun and moon, are Allah’s creation; they are obedient to His laws; as such, we attach no supernatural powers to any of God’s creation, including son and moon or even the mighty messengers of God such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Muhammad. According to the Qur’an, sun and moon as well as all other creations are signs revealing His glory and power.

Here are some verses from the Qur’an that shine light on this point:

“And He has made the night and the day and the sun and the moon subservient [to His laws, so that they be of use] to you; [9] and all the stars are subservient to His command: in this, behold, there are messages indeed for people who use their reason!” (Qur’an: 16:12).

“He is] the One who causes the dawn to break; and He has made the night to be [a source of] stillness, and the sun and the moon to run their appointed courses: [81] [all] this is laid down by the will of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.” (Qur’an:6:96).

Allah Almighty knows best.


The editor of OnIslam Live Fatwa service.

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